Its National Dog Day!! Check out the Wag Team on our Youtube!

Happy National Dog Day!! As many of you know, the Wag Team are a very important part of Tag UR It! inc! Have you seen our Wag Team in action?? Check out our first two movie trailers featuring 3 of the 4 members of our Wag Team and stay tuned for more videos soon!!

Tag UR It! Inc: The Golden Quest

Tag UR It! Inc: SuperTagz!

The Launch of Our Latest Name Tag!

 Tag UR It! inc is excited to introduce the newest product in our line of beveled name badges! This #ecofriendly alternative to our classic beveled metal name badges features a rustic, #natural looking baked cereal backer plate and carved faceplate made of all #organic fruit materials. This #crunchy name badge is offered with a brand-new attachment style, a state of the art attachment made of a bent paperclip! Be the first to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind #namebadge, contact us today! #AprilFools


Fabulous, funny puppy videos! The Wag Team will be at it again soon!

Take 60 seconds out of your day for a walk down memory lane with us! You won’t regret it!

Have you seen our fabulous and funny movie trailer series featuring the Wag Team of Tag UR IT! Inc.??  These minute long videos will put a big smile on your face!  Enjoy our past movie trailers and stay tuned for a new Wag Team movie trailer coming soon!!

Tag UR It! Inc: The Golden Quest

Tag UR It! Inc: SuperTagz!

Welcome to Tag UR It! Inc!

The Tag Team had an amazing Winter Wonderettes Christmas experience! So can you!

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit here at Tag UR It! inc.! Last weekend, the Tag Team went to ring and sing in the holiday season with a musical!

ProgramWinter Wonderettes, created by Roger Bean, is a light hearted, fun show that will keep you laughing all evening long! Winter Wonderettes is a follow-up to the smash hit musical, Marvelous Wonderettes.   Based in 1968 at Harper’s Hardware Store holiday party, Missy, Suzy, Betty Jean, and Cindy Lou put on a show that is sure to have you singing your favorite Christmas songs long after you leave the theater! Playing the wonderettes, Misty Cotton, Julie Dixon Jackson, Bets Malone, and Shannon Warne captivate their audience and put a smile on every face in the room with their amazing Christmas vocals!

Don’t miss your chance to see Winter Wonderettes at La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts, December 7th-30th!

Misty Cotton, Julie Dixon Jackson, Bets Malone, and Shannon Warne with Winter Wonderettes Creator and Director, Roger Bean
Misty Cotton, Julie Dixon Jackson, Bets Malone, and Shannon Warne with Winter Wonderettes Creator and Director, Roger Bean

Meet the newest member of the Wag Team!

You all know Wag Team members Elphie, Martin, and Zoey from our movie trailer series!   Now, meet the newest member of the Wag Team, Scout! Scout has made the 3000 mile journey from Rhode Island to Southern California to join the Tag UR It! Inc. Wag Team her at Tag Headquarters! Stay tuned for a future addition to our movie trailer series featuring all 4 happy members of the Wag Team!

Football season and the power of name recognition! Happy Patriots opening game!!

Today was the first game of the season for the New England Patriots!!  Now I will be the first to admit that I have always been a bandwagon football fan at best.  In previous seasons, it was only as the Pats neared the Super Bowl that I watched a game…and even then I didn’t really understand what I was watching! The half-time show has always been my favorite part of Super Bowl night!

But this is beginning to change!!! It is because of the Tag Team Prez, Catheryn, that I have a new love and appreciation of football!  Are you ready for a really good laugh?? Catheryn taught me the basic rules of football is terms she thought I would better understand!

I’m a bit of a girly girl, and believe it or not, I actually kind of got a grasp of the rules of football through this fabulous explanation!

Today, I was able to watch the entire Pats game, understand what was going on, and totally enjoy it!!!

While watching the game, I noticed how often the back of a player’s jersey was flashed across the screen for the viewers at home to easily see which player was just involved in a play.  It’s all about name recognition!  Players’ names are printed on the pack of their jersey.  Their name and number, along with team logo, become iconic through that jersey.  A name tag can work the same way!  You see, name recognition works the same way in any business setting! Name tags become the iconic symbol of many customer service based companies, making employees recognizable to customers upon first glance!  A player’s jersey is like their name tag! Players are motivated to do and be their best while they are wearing that jersey, on and off the field.  With new Tag UR It! Inc. name tags, your employee motivation will skyrocket! Each and every person on your staff will want to strive to do their best, proudly wearing a badge that gives them recognition by name as a member of your team!


I really enjoyed my relaxing Sunday on the couch watching the Pats’ first victory of the season! May there be may more victories to come!

Go Patriots!

The Wag Team is at it again! SuperTagz!

Tag UR It! Inc. is proud to present the next episode in our movie trailer series,


The critics are raving!

57 seconds of pure super power! Award worthy filmography! ~The New Bark Times

High-action puppy power in this thrilling short! Simply amazing! ~Wagtime Globe

In this episode, our Super Wag Team take over Tag UR It! Inc.!!!  They have a very unique way of running this fabulous business… at SUPER-SPEED!

And if you haven’t seen The Golden Quest, be sure to check it out! These are only the first 2 in a series of many more exciting adventures to come! Our Wag Team will stop at nothing to show the world that Tag UR It! Inc. is the number one provider for your name tag and recognition award needs! Be sure to stop by our website! Your Tag Team is always here to help!

10 Things You Can Do With A Lanyard!

Lanyard: a cord or strap to hold something (as a knife or a whistle [or NAME TAG]) and usually worn around the neck (according to Mirriam-Webster Dictionary)

A very useful product with a very distinct purpose.

Ever wonder what you could do with that lanyard after returning from a big event? Well I have some suggestions!

1. Cats love the outdoors, but to ensure that Fluffy doesn’t eat Tweetie, take your cat for a walk!

2. Need some extra strength in those hiking boot laces? I know what makes a really strong lace!

3. You wouldn’t want to drop your Ukulele, would you?

4. Screaming baby and need your hands for something else? Perfect solution: a lanyard bottle holder!

5. You just can’t put down book 3 of The Hunger Games, I totally understand! Mark your page with a lanyard and you’ll never miss what The Capitol has in store for Katniss next!

6. Fumbling with your grilling tongs, spatula, and fork… One falling into the flames while the others hit the dirty ground… This is a problem no more! Just hang them from your lanyard!

7. If you’re like me, you’re always losing your sunglasses…. Not any more!

8. Yes, the cutest baby on the planet deserves the cutest headband on the planet!

9. Attention Angry Birds addicts! You can now launch birds at annoying neighbors as they walk to the end of the driveway to get their mail! Make your lanyard sling-shot today!

10. Your beautiful orchid will never fall over and break again!