Football season and the power of name recognition! Happy Patriots opening game!!

Today was the first game of the season for the New England Patriots!!  Now I will be the first to admit that I have always been a bandwagon football fan at best.  In previous seasons, it was only as the Pats neared the Super Bowl that I watched a game…and even then I didn’t really understand what I was watching! The half-time show has always been my favorite part of Super Bowl night!

But this is beginning to change!!! It is because of the Tag Team Prez, Catheryn, that I have a new love and appreciation of football!  Are you ready for a really good laugh?? Catheryn taught me the basic rules of football is terms she thought I would better understand!

I’m a bit of a girly girl, and believe it or not, I actually kind of got a grasp of the rules of football through this fabulous explanation!

Today, I was able to watch the entire Pats game, understand what was going on, and totally enjoy it!!!

While watching the game, I noticed how often the back of a player’s jersey was flashed across the screen for the viewers at home to easily see which player was just involved in a play.  It’s all about name recognition!  Players’ names are printed on the pack of their jersey.  Their name and number, along with team logo, become iconic through that jersey.  A name tag can work the same way!  You see, name recognition works the same way in any business setting! Name tags become the iconic symbol of many customer service based companies, making employees recognizable to customers upon first glance!  A player’s jersey is like their name tag! Players are motivated to do and be their best while they are wearing that jersey, on and off the field.  With new Tag UR It! Inc. name tags, your employee motivation will skyrocket! Each and every person on your staff will want to strive to do their best, proudly wearing a badge that gives them recognition by name as a member of your team!


I really enjoyed my relaxing Sunday on the couch watching the Pats’ first victory of the season! May there be may more victories to come!

Go Patriots!

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