Our Wag Team: Pet photo shoot at Dogma Pet Portraits!

Today I have a fun and exciting post to share with you all! Many of you remember seeing our Wag Team in the Tag UR It! Inc. movie trailer series. Well, the Wag Team has grown since then! You all know we are huge animal lovers. Out pets are our children and we love to include them in every aspect of our life!

pet photography

Being the pet lovers we are, the Tag Team visited the OC Pet Expo last month. The Expo was amazing! Animal lovers are a special kind of people: kind, caring, and fun.  There were thousands of visitors on the OC fair grounds that weekend. We had a very successful trip, including adopting 3 new kittens into our family! Penny, Priya, and Zazzy (anyone notice the Big Bang reference?) were pretty sick when they adopted them into our home but are surrounded by so much love with our family!

While we were looking through the hundreds of booths at the Expo, one booth caught our eye. We noticed a booth of absolutely stunning pet portraits! We recognized immediately that these photos were done by the same photographer who shot the very cool photos used by JustFoodForDogs.  (Most of you will remember our past blog post about adopting Kaia from the wonderful people at JFFD) We have always loved their photos and went over to check out their booth.

This amazing booth belonged to Dogma Pet Portraits!  Dave and Sylvaine, owners of Dogma Pet Portraits, are absolutely amazing! After meeting Dave at the Pet Expo, we set up our initial design appointment at their Costa Mesa studio. Sylvaine walked us through the photo process and introduced the dogs to the studio. She showed them the big white room where the photos are taken and flashed the cameras so they would not be scared on photo day.  Our first appointment was for Scout and Cat. These are the 2 babies who have been with me since I was a kid in the house I grew up in. Scout is now 15 and I knew these would be photos I cherish forever!   After having such a wonderful experience with Scout, we decided to bring our entire furry family into Dogma Pet Portraits studio at once for a big family shot! That means all 15 of us (5 dogs, 7 cats, and 3 Tag Team Members) in one photo!! Dave was AMAZING!! He did it!!  The results speak for themselves! Check out the videos posted below to see our photos!!

If you are in the SoCal area, Dogma Pet Portraits is the best of the best! Dave has a very special way with animals and an eye for the perfect photo! He is truly a gift! Check out Dogma Pet Portraits at www.dogmapetportraits.com and be sure to “like” them on Facebook!

The Entire Wag Team!

Scout & Cat’s Photo Shoot

In case you missed our Wag Team movie trailer series, here is a taste! Stay tuned for the next episode in the series, the Wag Team will soon be in action again!

Meet the newest member of the Wag Team!

You all know Wag Team members Elphie, Martin, and Zoey from our movie trailer series!   Now, meet the newest member of the Wag Team, Scout! Scout has made the 3000 mile journey from Rhode Island to Southern California to join the Tag UR It! Inc. Wag Team her at Tag Headquarters! Stay tuned for a future addition to our movie trailer series featuring all 4 happy members of the Wag Team!


Meet the newest member of the Tag Team! Baby Jackie!

The Tag Team welcomed a new member this week!!

Meet Jackie!

Meet Jackie!

Jackie came into the Tag UR It! Inc. family unexpectedly this week and is the most welcomed addition ever.  Have you ever seen a cuter kitten face?? I sure haven’t!! You should see this little girl run around! She is certainly running the office!

Sleeping on the job!

Jackie is definitely the new baby of the family, and of course everyone in her new life here at Tag UR It! Inc. wants to keep her safe and sound! One of the most important things any pet parent can do to keep their babies safe is to make sure they have a great pet tag! We never expect anything out of the ordinary to happen to our pets, but should the unexpected happen, your pet should be prepared.  If somehow your precious feline or canine family member gets loose and is wandering alone out in the world, make sure whom ever finds your pet is able to contact you quickly and easily! Not only will your pet be safe, but also stylish with an engraved pet tag from Tag UR It! Inc.

Tag UR It! Inc. will be offering a colorful selection of aluminium tags that can be engraved on one side or both.  Give us a call today to find out more! (949) 642-3700

The Wag Team is at it again! SuperTagz!

Tag UR It! Inc. is proud to present the next episode in our movie trailer series,


The critics are raving!

57 seconds of pure super power! Award worthy filmography! ~The New Bark Times

High-action puppy power in this thrilling short! Simply amazing! ~Wagtime Globe

In this episode, our Super Wag Team take over Tag UR It! Inc.!!!  They have a very unique way of running this fabulous business… at SUPER-SPEED!

And if you haven’t seen The Golden Quest, be sure to check it out! These are only the first 2 in a series of many more exciting adventures to come! Our Wag Team will stop at nothing to show the world that Tag UR It! Inc. is the number one provider for your name tag and recognition award needs! Be sure to stop by our website! Your Tag Team is always here to help!