Fabulous, funny puppy videos! The Wag Team will be at it again soon!

Take 60 seconds out of your day for a walk down memory lane with us! You won’t regret it!

Have you seen our fabulous and funny movie trailer series featuring the Wag Team of Tag UR IT! Inc.??  These minute long videos will put a big smile on your face!  Enjoy our past movie trailers and stay tuned for a new Wag Team movie trailer coming soon!! 


Tag UR It! Inc: The Golden Quest

Tag UR It! Inc: SuperTagz!

Welcome to Tag UR It! Inc!

Meet the newest member of the Wag Team!

You all know Wag Team members Elphie, Martin, and Zoey from our movie trailer series!   Now, meet the newest member of the Wag Team, Scout! Scout has made the 3000 mile journey from Rhode Island to Southern California to join the Tag UR It! Inc. Wag Team her at Tag Headquarters! Stay tuned for a future addition to our movie trailer series featuring all 4 happy members of the Wag Team!