10 Things You Can Do With A Lanyard!

Lanyard: a cord or strap to hold something (as a knife or a whistle [or NAME TAG]) and usually worn around the neck (according to Mirriam-Webster Dictionary)

A very useful product with a very distinct purpose.

Ever wonder what you could do with that lanyard after returning from a big event? Well I have some suggestions!

1. Cats love the outdoors, but to ensure that Fluffy doesn’t eat Tweetie, take your cat for a walk!

2. Need some extra strength in those hiking boot laces? I know what makes a really strong lace!

3. You wouldn’t want to drop your Ukulele, would you?

4. Screaming baby and need your hands for something else? Perfect solution: a lanyard bottle holder!

5. You just can’t put down book 3 of The Hunger Games, I totally understand! Mark your page with a lanyard and you’ll never miss what The Capitol has in store for Katniss next!

6. Fumbling with your grilling tongs, spatula, and fork… One falling into the flames while the others hit the dirty ground… This is a problem no more! Just hang them from your lanyard!

7. If you’re like me, you’re always losing your sunglasses…. Not any more!

8. Yes, the cutest baby on the planet deserves the cutest headband on the planet!

9. Attention Angry Birds addicts! You can now launch birds at annoying neighbors as they walk to the end of the driveway to get their mail! Make your lanyard sling-shot today!

10. Your beautiful orchid will never fall over and break again!

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