The Launch of Our Latest Name Tag!

 Tag UR It! inc is excited to introduce the newest product in our line of beveled name badges! This #ecofriendly alternative to our classic beveled metal name badges features a rustic, #natural looking baked cereal backer plate and carved faceplate made of all #organic fruit materials. This #crunchy name badge is offered with a brand-new attachment style, a state of the art attachment made of a bent paperclip! Be the first to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind #namebadge, contact us today! #AprilFools


Essential oils in the office! Stay focused, balanced, and in a great mood with dōTERRA essential oils!

We have never been more balanced, focused, and energized here in the Tag UR It! inc offices, and its all because of dōTERRA essential oils! In the last month, Tag Team President, Catheryn and I have both become dōTERRA Wellness Advocates!

You may or many not know about the amazing benefits of essential oils, or even what essential oils actually are! Direct from google’s dictionary:

essential oil definition

The video above explains what dōTERRA essential oils are and why they are such amazing products!

In the past month, we have found these amazing benefits of essential oils, specifically in the workplace! Whether we need some focus and balance, some anxiety relief, or a mood boost, there is an oil for every need! The benefits of essential oils are endless and dōTERRA oils can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. Personally, our favorite way to use oils is through our diffuser! The diffuser disperses oils into the air, allowing everyone in the office to enjoy the benefits of the oils!

Here are a few of our favorite oils combinations!

  • For a mood boost and all around great feeling, we combine dōTERRA Elevation, lemongrass, and rosemary in the diffuser!

  • When things get a little busy and there may be a little stress, diffusing dōTERRA Serenity and Balance lends with a drop of Vetiver sends a calming feeling across the warehouse!

  • When we need a little more uplifting focus, working on a big project, peppermint and wild orange is a great diffusing combination!

Besides diffusing, there are many other uses for Essential Oils in the workplace! A drop of lemon in your drinking water all day gives a delicious antioxidant boost! Lemon is also a great disinfectant, goop remover, and all around cleaner for your workspace.

doterra diffuser essential oilsAre you interested in learning more about Essential Oils for your home or workplace?? Catheryn and I are both Wellness Advocates and would be happy to answer your questions and help you get started in your essential oils wellness journey!!

Catheryn’s personal dōTERRA website:

Sara’s personal dōTERRA website: