The Magnetic Law of Attraction: Why a magnetic name tag is right for your business!

The law of attraction is a pseudoscientific belief or theory, that “like attracts like,” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

The “Magnetic Law of Attraction” is a belief or theory, that “expensive clothing attracts magnetic name tags”, and that by focusing on using magnets instead of pins, one can never ruin one’s clothing.

Plastic Name Tags

Name tags are everywhere!  In our previous blog, “What’s in a Name”, we showed you how businesses in so many industries use name tags everyday.  There are many options out there, so let us help you decide which option is best for you.  Whether using a plastic, metal, or engraved name tag, using a magnetic backing is the way to go.  Imagine, you’re wearing your brand new silk top and are about to run into a meeting wearing your company name tag.  Not only will a magnetic attachment prevent pin holes and tears, your magnetic name tag couldn’t be easier to put on.  Just place your name tag over any kind of clothing and line up your backing under the fabric.  The magnets will do the rest of the work for you, keeping your name tag in place all day without doing any damage to the clothes you are wearing.   Magnetic backings also last much longer than traditional pin backings as they don’t bend out of place.  The choice should be clear for your business.  Let us help you find the a name tag that will be a great fit! Your Tag Team is always here to help!

Check out Tag UR It! Inc.’s selection of metal and plastic name tags today.  And be sure to select a magnetic backing when you check out!


The Wag Team is at it again! SuperTagz!

Tag UR It! Inc. is proud to present the next episode in our movie trailer series,


The critics are raving!

57 seconds of pure super power! Award worthy filmography! ~The New Bark Times

High-action puppy power in this thrilling short! Simply amazing! ~Wagtime Globe

In this episode, our Super Wag Team take over Tag UR It! Inc.!!!  They have a very unique way of running this fabulous business… at SUPER-SPEED!

And if you haven’t seen The Golden Quest, be sure to check it out! These are only the first 2 in a series of many more exciting adventures to come! Our Wag Team will stop at nothing to show the world that Tag UR It! Inc. is the number one provider for your name tag and recognition award needs! Be sure to stop by our website! Your Tag Team is always here to help!

What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”                           ~Shakespeare

                               Hey, Joe!
                                           How are you doing, Linda?
                                                                  What’s up, Mike?
Your name certainly doesn’t define who you are, but it gives you an identity, especially to the casual acquaintances you meet on
Photo by photostock
a daily basis.  These acquaintances could be the nurses that treat you at the hospital, the hostess and waitress at the restaurant you dine at, the staff at the hotel you stay at, the lawyer, the doctor, or the businessman preparing your taxes. One thing most of these acquaintances will have in common? They will wear a name tag. That name tag will be your first personal impression, introducing you on a personal level. When you know someone’s name, they are no longer just a face you pass by throughout your day, but someone you get to know, even just for a moment.
Companies and businesses have their employees wear name tags for many reasons. First, of course, in order for customers or clients to be able to identify employees by name. That name tag brings a sense of responsibility to that employee. When they are wearing it, they represent their company and are there to make the name of that company proud. This gives the individual the confidence to stand tall and represent themselves.  The name tag may also show rank or position, demanding well deserved respect of those wearing it. 
Who knew that a name tag could mean so much? So if you ran a business, company, or event, wouldn’t you want that first impression to be the best out there?? That’s where Tag UR It! Inc. comes in! Tag UR It! Inc. makes a name tag that will stand out above the rest! Whether you need name tags or event ID tags, Tag UR It! has the best out there! Wouldn’t you want your employees to be proud of the name tag they are wearing, representing your company or business? Give them the confidence with a great name tag!!
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Drum-role please… Our Fun New Movie Trailer Series!!

If you follow our Facebook or twitter, you know we have been talking about launching an exciting new project for a while now! Well today is the day! Today, Tag UR It! Inc. proudly presents our movie trailer series! We will be launching new, exciting adventures every few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out! We have a lot of fun in store!

Our movie trailer series begins with a quest for golden treasure! You will meet Martin, Zoey, and Elphie- the Tag Puppies! Together, they will travel the world in search of golden treasure!

“Action packed adventure quest! Going to have record-breaking views! 2 paws up!” ~Dog Angeles Times

“A MUST SEE trailer for name tag lovers and dog loves alike!” ~The Barkingham Press

So please sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy our first minute long trailer starring the talented trio of Tag Puppies!

Welcome to Tag UR It! Inc!

Welcome to Tag UR It! Inc.’s New Blog!

Our fabulous new blog is now live! Ready to bring you new products, important information, and lots of fun! First off, lets get to know what Tag UR It! is all about!

Tag UR It! is a one stop shop for all of your name tag and award needs!

Based in Southern California, Tag UR It! Inc. is serving the name tag, recognition award, cloisonné pin, and event tag needs of restaurants, hotels, and businesses nation wide.

We know that providing great products, like quality engraved brass platesemployee plaques, and reusable magnetic name tags never go out of style. So far it seems that companies looking for great customer service, quick turn-around and quality products are not only happy with Tag UR It! Inc., but they keep coming back for more, and telling their friends and associates!

Catheryn and Heidi bring over 20 years of experience to the industry of name tags, recognition awards and so much more.

Why Tag Ur It! Inc.????
Well, we could go on all day about WHY Tag UR It! inc….. You know, great products, creativity, reasonable prices and, oh yeah!! Incredible customer service! We will take the time to find out what you are looking for, and help you come up with what will work for you, with absolutely NO minimums, set up fees, or mock-up charges! We really do appreciate each and EVERY customer that comes to us and we do everything we can to keep them!

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