Random Fact of the Day: Did you know???

Random Fact of the Day:

Did you know….

Name tags became popular in the workplace after 1959 when C-Line Products introduced their “Hello My Name is” stickers.  After those stickers became hugely popular, more permanent forms of name badges, such as the varieties we make here at Tag UR It! inc., became a staple on employees of businesses nationwide.


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Easy Online Name Tag Re-Ordering at Tag UR It! inc.

Ordering name tags could not be easier with our easy online re-ordering system here at Tag UR It! Inc.!

Any repeat customer would agree, a great online re-ordering system makes the name tag ordering process easy and hassle free!

Here are some simple steps to show you how our system works!

  1. First, you will visit our website, www.TagURItNameTags.com

  2. Next, you will log into the Client Log-in box located on the bottom left hand side of our home page with your personal credentials that we will provide you along with your first purchase.

  3. Once logged in, you will be brought to your profile page where you will update all of your information.

  4. To place an order, you will click on “Express Re-Order” on the left hand side of your page. (Within the welcome box)

  5. You will see products you have either ordered before or products that are specific to your business on this page. (If you would like us to add a new product to your existing product line, you would just let us know and we would add it right on to your express re-ordering page.) You will then select the product you would like to order.

  6. You will then just fill out the order form, selecting attachments and customizations for each order, and press submit. That’s it! Your order will have been placed!

    Do you order name tags for your staff often?  Our easy re-ordering system will simplify your life!

    Visit our website too see the many products we can offer your business!


Great Name Tag Sales! Its all good, like CHEESECAKE!

This month, Tag UR It! Inc. has quadrupled its sales compared to the sales of July 2011!  People really do love our high quality products at great low prices! …. And you know what?? Its all good, like cheesecake!

Speaking of cheesecake….


OK, so I will be the first to admit that this blog post has nothing to do with name tags, engraving, recognition awards, or anything else Tag UR It! Inc. is well known for…. But here is a little known fact about me, Sara, Tag UR It! Inc.’s Director of Sales and Marketing.   I LOVE cheesecake! When I realized that today was Nation Cheesecake Day, I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorite takes on cheesecake with the our wonderful blog readers!  Here are a few of my favorite variations of your classic cheesecake!

  • Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries: What could be better than these little bites of heaven!! A fresh sweet strawberry is a delectable dessert all on its own, but adding a cheesecake filling and graham cracker crumble makes for an irresistible bite sized treat!
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake: Red Velvet has made a come back and is the hottest dessert out there right now! A perfect combination of rich chocolate tones in the red velvet, the slight tang of buttermilk, and a perfect classic cheesecake layer, this Red Velvet Cheesecake hits all the right notes!
  • Cheesecake Brownies: Now this is a decadent dessert! A gorgeous swirl of creamy cheesecake through rich fudge chocolate brownies. I cant imagine a pan of these lasting very long around me!! I can almost smell the amazing aroma of sweet cheesecake and chocolate just looking at this photo!
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Squares: Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter?!? Now add a little cheesecake into the mix, and you have yourself a fabulous trio of flavors!  
  • Classic New York Style Cheesecake:Last, but never ever least, is a classic New York style cheesecake.  I love all takes on cheesecake, but the classic will always be a winner with me. Add a few strawberries on top and I am in heaven!  I tasted me first slice of cheesecake in college and could not believe it took me that long to discover the incredible treasure that is cheesecake! It will forever be my favorite dessert!

    A few years ago, I created my own little saying…. “It’s all good, like cheesecake”

    It will forever by my motto in life, because life sure is great, just like cheesecake!!

    Happy National Cheesecake Day everyone!

What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”                           ~Shakespeare

                               Hey, Joe!
                                           How are you doing, Linda?
                                                                  What’s up, Mike?
Your name certainly doesn’t define who you are, but it gives you an identity, especially to the casual acquaintances you meet on
Photo by photostock
a daily basis.  These acquaintances could be the nurses that treat you at the hospital, the hostess and waitress at the restaurant you dine at, the staff at the hotel you stay at, the lawyer, the doctor, or the businessman preparing your taxes. One thing most of these acquaintances will have in common? They will wear a name tag. That name tag will be your first personal impression, introducing you on a personal level. When you know someone’s name, they are no longer just a face you pass by throughout your day, but someone you get to know, even just for a moment.
Companies and businesses have their employees wear name tags for many reasons. First, of course, in order for customers or clients to be able to identify employees by name. That name tag brings a sense of responsibility to that employee. When they are wearing it, they represent their company and are there to make the name of that company proud. This gives the individual the confidence to stand tall and represent themselves.  The name tag may also show rank or position, demanding well deserved respect of those wearing it. 
Who knew that a name tag could mean so much? So if you ran a business, company, or event, wouldn’t you want that first impression to be the best out there?? That’s where Tag UR It! Inc. comes in! Tag UR It! Inc. makes a name tag that will stand out above the rest! Whether you need name tags or event ID tags, Tag UR It! has the best out there! Wouldn’t you want your employees to be proud of the name tag they are wearing, representing your company or business? Give them the confidence with a great name tag!!
Check out our website to contact us or for more information! Your Tag Team is always here to help! www.taguritnametags.com