Meet the newest member of the Tag Team! Baby Jackie!

The Tag Team welcomed a new member this week!!

Meet Jackie!

Meet Jackie!

Jackie came into the Tag UR It! Inc. family unexpectedly this week and is the most welcomed addition ever.  Have you ever seen a cuter kitten face?? I sure haven’t!! You should see this little girl run around! She is certainly running the office!

Sleeping on the job!

Jackie is definitely the new baby of the family, and of course everyone in her new life here at Tag UR It! Inc. wants to keep her safe and sound! One of the most important things any pet parent can do to keep their babies safe is to make sure they have a great pet tag! We never expect anything out of the ordinary to happen to our pets, but should the unexpected happen, your pet should be prepared.  If somehow your precious feline or canine family member gets loose and is wandering alone out in the world, make sure whom ever finds your pet is able to contact you quickly and easily! Not only will your pet be safe, but also stylish with an engraved pet tag from Tag UR It! Inc.

Tag UR It! Inc. will be offering a colorful selection of aluminium tags that can be engraved on one side or both.  Give us a call today to find out more! (949) 642-3700

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