The Human Experience

If you know me well, you know I’m a huge Manhattan Transfer fan. Huge. Since I was twelve. I stopped officially counting how many concerts I’ve been to after 50, and that was years ago. As a twelve year old, I guess you could say the four members of this group were, to me, like the Beatles. I had every album, knew every word to every song, had pictures up in my room, etc. I loved every member of the group, and of course looked up to them.

Me, at age 16, with each member of The Manhattan Transfer
Me, at age 16, with each member of The Manhattan Transfer.

Now that I’m 47, not much has changed, except for maybe not knowing EVERY word… I’ve matured, they’ve matured, and although still together they’ve each branched out to do solo albums and assorted collaborations….

Well, Janis Siegel is branching out yet again with a new collaboration: The Requinte Trio.


The Requinte Trio is Janis Siegel, world-renowned Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Nanny Assis, and multi-Grammy nominated pianist and composer, John Di Martino. They have created a fan-funded project on called “The Requinte Trio Project”, which allows you many ways to participate, and in turn, the rewards are AWESOME. And I should know, I am a Gold Participant. Why am I telling you about it? Because I’m all about the Human Experience…

I grew up hearing “you can’t do that”… “just live with it”… “that’s dumb”… I never heard “hey, you can be whatever you want to be!” or “Go for your dreams!” or “You can do it!” or “Go for the gold!” or “Grab the brass ring!” Nope. I don’t know why. Maybe my Mom didn’t hear it from her parents… 

My Mom never liked going to the doctor. She had a horrible cough. For years. “Go to the doctor!” I’d scream. “Yeah, yeah” was her response. At age 73 she was still working full time… One morning in May of 2012, she said to me “I think I need to go to the ER”… Um, what? Okay…. Stage Four Ovarian cancer. Ten days later, May 16th, two days after Mothers Day, she was gone. 

Yep. The Human Experience. It’s been said we are not human beings having spiritual experiences; rather we are are spiritual beings having a “human experience” on earth. I believe that. And I also feel that I hadn’t been living my Human Experience to the fullest before my Mom died.  Actually, I realized at age 40 that those little sayings, the “just live with it”, etc, were ingrained in my head so well that I carried them into adulthood. Well, fuck that. I realized I had the brains (and the balls) to start my own company, Tag UR It!, in the middle of a recession and have it be a success. I’m living my Human Experience to the fullest now, because you never know what tomorrow will bring, or if you even have a tomorrow… 

Another reminder of living life like there’s no tomorrow is the passing of another important person in my life: Tim Hauser, the founder of my beloved group, The Manhattan Transfer. He passed away last October, the 16th, three days before I was to have lunch with him in his home… 

So back to the Human Experience, the Brass Ring, the Gold, or in my case, the Gold Participant. I treated myself to a trip to NYC for my 40th birthday a few years ago, and fell in LOVE with the Big Apple!!! I’m a perfectionist and very anal, so naturally I studied the map of Manhattan for two months prior and developed a color-coded itinerary for every hour that I was to be in the city. First stop was Birdland, naturally… 

With Janis, December, 2014.
With Janis, December, 2014.

So when I read the “perks” of the Gold Participant, and it included such things as “a vinyl listening session and a food/walking tour of the West Village NYC tour with Janis Siegel”… Brass Ring. The Gold. An amazing new Human Experience. 

There’s no day but today, my friends… You can save up your money for that shiny, new Escalade, or you can spend it on an amazing Human Experience, one you CAN take with you. Join me and The Requinte Trio Project and be a part of an amazing new journey, or find something else that you really love and have been putting off for that “someday”, and do it NOW. Live in the NOW. Create your own outstanding Human Experience. 


~ Catheryn

Click here to be part of The Requinte Trio Project: 

Give a custom engraved or sublimated gift from the heart this holiday season!

As the holiday season approaches, shopping mode is in full swing!  Many people are trying to get their holiday shopping done early this year.  I have most of mine done already!  A personalized gift from the heart can mean more than the newest, most expensive gadget on the market!  

One great gift idea, a fun personalized award for your loved one, friend, or coworker! It can be sweet and sincere or sarcastic and funny!  Here at Tag UR It! inc., we can custom make anyrecognition award you can imagine!  Our 4″x6″ sublimated plaque is only $14.50!!

4″x6″ Custom Sublimated Recognition Award Plaque gift

Include photos, quotes, and any other info you would like!  Here are some award ideas!

  • Grandma of the Millennium Award: for outstanding kindness, exceptional lovingness, and eternal admiration.
  • World’s Best Teacher Award: for teaching, caring, and watching over your class.
  • The Foot in Mouth Award: for always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
  • The Big Kahuna Award: for the most time spend surfing the internet while you are supposed to be working.

Another great gift idea is a custom engraving!  An engraved plate added to your gift will send a message from the heart.  Recently, we engraved a plate that was placed on a beautiful wooden box.  Within the wooden box was a beautiful ring that was given as an anniversary gift.  The box reflected the beauty of the ring and the personal message on that box spoke from the heart of the giver.  Not only did the plate include a heartfelt message, it also included a hand written signature engraved into the plate.  Having your own handwriting engraved onto a gift is a personalization that means so much!

Custom engraved plate on ring box with personal message and engraved handwritten signature.

Take a moment in your holiday season shopping mayhem to look at the gifts you have purchased.  Do your gifts speak from the heart?  A personalized touch included in your holiday gifts will truly show your friends and loved ones how much you care!

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With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. ~Thomas Foxwell Buxton

Never give up! It may take a little time…. but with effort, passion, and perseverance, you can make all of your dreams come true!

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We can engrave your favorite quote on plastic or metal to be worn on a necklace, put on a key chain, or used as a sign on your desk. We can sublimate photos or encouraging words on a dog tag to be worn on a chain or used as a key chain. We can custom design a plaque to hang on the wall.  The possibilities are endless! Check out our website or contact us to learn about all the options!!!

inspirational quote engraving

Tag UR It! Inc. is on the road to great success!!!

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” –Henry David Thoreau

The entire Tag Team is thrilled to be so busy everyday! We are on the road to great success as a leader in our industry. Keep busy and success will be yours also!

Name Tags From Sea to Shining Sea


This week, I made the 3000 mile journey across country, moving from Rhode Island to California.  I am so excited to finally be working full time here in Southern California at Tag UR It! Inc. headquarters!  Tag Team President, Catheryn, flew out to the east coast to make the journey across country with me.  Along our way, we have seen parts of this beautiful country we may have never seen if not for this trip.  From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam…We have seen it all!  There is a Jason Aldean song called Fly Over States that perfectly describes the beauty of land we drove through. (Click here to listen: Fly Over States)

They’ve never drove through Indiana
Met the man who plowed that Earth
Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me
Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas
They’d understand why God made those fly over states

I bet that mile haul in Santa Fe freight train engineer’s seen it all
Just like that flat bed cowboy stacking US steel on a three day haul
Roads and rails under their feet, yeah that sounds like a first class seat
On the plains of Oklahoma
With a windshield sunset in your eyes
Like a water-color painted sky
You’ll think heaven’s doors have opened
You’ll understand why God made those fly over states

Take a ride across the Badlands
Feel that freedom on your face
Breathe in all that open space
And meet a girl from Amarillo
You’ll understand why God made…
You might even wanna plant your stakes
In those fly over states

Leaving Rhode Island just in time to outrun the devastating Hurricane Sandy, we made our trip across country in 5 days, staying at hotels in PA, IL, NE, and CO.  Coming from Rhode Island and having family in Connecticut, many of my friends and family have felt the destruction of Sandy.  So many people are going to be rebuilding their lives from scratch having lost everything in this horrific storm.  Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and the millions still without power.

Eating all of our meals out and staying in a variety of hotels, we noticed a vast selection of name tags worn by the friendly hotel and restaurant staff nationwide! Tag UR It! Inc. is proud to say that we carry every variety of name badge we saw throughout our 3000 mile trip! From plastic name tags, to unisub name tags, to beveled metal name tags, to engraved name plates… the variety is endless! Tag UR It! Inc. can create the perfect name tag for any company and seeing the many varieties all across the country inspires us to continue providing the best variety of name badges out there!

Check out some of our photos of the beautiful views from our trip!  I am so excited to be here in Southern California! Now that I am in the office full time, you will hear a lot more from me here on our blog! Stay tuned for some exciting new products and projects!!

As always, check out our website for more information on our products!

A Magical Moment in the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland! …and the name tags all around!

What a week for the Tag Team! As a member of the Tag UR It! Inc. team, currently living 3000 miles away from the Tag Headquarters, I was so excited to have the opportunity to spend this week in Southern California.  I have spent the last few days with the Tag Team of Catheryn and Heidi, experiencing some of what Southern California has to offer and enjoying some much needed fun.

Day 1: Dinner at the Capital Grille

Lobster Mac-N-Cheese (via

My first night in sunny California was completed with the best dinner I have ever had.  Catheryn and Heidi took me out to the Capital Grille in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa.  I had no idea what a treat I was in for!  The Capital Grille’s elegant dining room provided an amazing, sophisticated atmosphere.  We were seated next to the wine room, able to admire the many varieties of bottled wines in their glassed in center room.  After being seated, our wonderful server came over and introduced himself.  Of course, we looked upon his name tag and learned his name was Lorn before he even had a chance to open his mouth.  Lorn could not have been a more perfect host during our dinner.  His recommendation of the Lobster Mac-N-Cheese was spot on! I am a Rhode Island girl and have had quite a bit of lobster in my life.  I can definitely say this was one of the best dishes I have ever had!  The dish is made of a baked Campanelle pasta and fresh Lobster meat, tossed in a Mascarpone, Havarti and Grana Padano cream sauce, topped with Panko bread crumbs and grated white cheddar. (  It is listed as a side dish but we shared an order as an appetizer before our amazing main courses. Lorn was so helpful and friendly, making our dinner and experience one to remember.  It wasn’t until after our amazing meal that I realized that the Capital Grille has locations nationwide, including one in my home state of Rhode Island.  I will surely be visiting the Providence location upon my return home! I am already craving another serving of Lobster Mac-N-Cheese. 

Day 2: Disneyland!

Tag Team takes on Splash Mountain!

I have always been a princess at heart.  Yesterday was a truly magical day.  The Tag Team was in major need of a happy, excitement filled day.  Our day in Disneyland was picture perfect! The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Catheryn and Heidi picked me up bright and early to arrive at the park before it opened.  As the opening music filled the air and the gates opened to the firsts guests of the day, we rushed in and ran to our first ride! By 10am we had been on the 5 biggest rides and were eating breakfast! After enjoying a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake, we were in search of another new and exiting ride to check out.  I noticed the big yellow submarines of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and was intrigued.  There was a 75-90 minute wait so we decided to ask about obtaining a fast pass.  A very kind cast member named Robert came over to us and asked if he could answer our questions.  He asked me where I was from and Catheryn told him that I was visiting Disneyland for the first time.  He informed us that the Submarine Voyage did not accept fast pass and of course we were a little bummed out, which he could probably tell from my face.  I was having such a great day, I would have waited in the 90 minute line and have been thrilled to ride the submarine! But instead, Robert asked us if we had ever heard of a Magical Moment.  A Magical Moment can be granted by any member of the Disneyland cast.  Robert gave Catheryn, Heidi, and I each Disneyland badges and escorted us around the line of hundreds of park guests waiting to ride the submarine.  He granted us a Magical Moment as we skipped the line and had a great time with Nemo and his friends exploring deep under the ocean on our Submarine Voyage. What an amazing experience! Definitely a memory I will never forget!

A name tag creates a memory.  Two amazing memories were created with the help of two amazing staff members we encountered in the last two days.  It is because of the name tags each of those staff members wore that we were able to make a personal connection with Lorn and Robert and will remember the two staff members who made our dinner at the Capital Grille and our trip to Disneyland so very special this week.