Winning! Awards and More by Tag UR It! Inc.

Everywhere you go, someone is talking about the Olympics! Stopping in at my favorite coffee shop this morning, the customers in line behind me were chatting about the Fab Five American Women’s Gymnasts’ amazing gold metal win and Michael Phelps becoming the most awarded Olympian in history!  Of course, the Tag Team has a special love of all awards! Our awards may not be QUITE as fancy as an Olympic Gold Metal, but they are pretty close!  They will sure make the recipient feel as if there were standing atop an Olympic podium!

Awards are used for so many occasions!

Awards are given out in order to raise workplace morale and work ethic in the form of a great employee of the month program.  Athletes are awarded for their outstanding hard work at many Athletic Clubs as they strive to always do their best.  Donors are recognized for their outstanding generosity in the form of a recognition award hung proudly.

By giving credit where credit is due, any organization or company will bring out the best in their team!

Tag UR It! Inc. offers a variety of awards including individual plaques and perpetual plaques.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website, we can create a custom award to fit any occasion!

Check out our website for more information on our high quality products at great low prices!

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