An update on the Requinte Trio: you still have time to get involved with this amazing project!

Most of you know, from my past blog, that I recently became involved with the Requite Trio.  Here is the latest update from the  Trio, and everything is going great! In the video embedded below, I am listening on as the group hears the first tracks recorded in the studio a few weeks back.  Spending time in NYC with these amazing artists and being a part of the recording process from the first day in the studio has been a life changing experience! I am honored to be the Executive Producer on the Requite Trio’s new album. It’s your turn to get involved with this amazing project too!! Check out the update from Janis, Nanny, and John below!! 

-Catheryn, Tag UR It! inc. President/CEO

Dear Friends ,
Wishing you a joyous spring season – it’s a time for renewal and rebirth . Nanny,John and I are quite excited about getting closer to our final goal of “birthing ” our first band record.We have about 8 tracks in various stages of completion under our belts including some original lyric collaborations, some Jobim , some Brazilian favorites and one or two standards that we have rearranged “Requinte -style” Joining us on the CD are Leo Traversa on bass, Paul Meyers on guitar, Ben Wittman on drums, Joel Frahm on tenor and soprano saxes, and the Brazilian vocal group Banda de Boca .
One big joyful step forward has been the participation of our Executive Producer , Catheryn McKeever, who we welcomed to NY a couple of weeks ago and who was present at our last recording session. Janis had her over for a home cooked meal and we recorded a special cut for her in the studio .She has been a delightful and supportive presence in the completion of this project and we are very grateful to her. Throughout the next few months we will be posting other short clips of rehearsals and time in the studio which you can access when you become a participant and log into your ArtistShare account. We are back in the studio APRIL 15th and APRIL 22 we’ll be posting clips from those experiences.
As we near our goal, we still have spots open for Gold & Silver Participants. The highlights of this level are delineated on our ArtistShare project page. They included a vinyl listening session with Janis Siegel, a piano lesson with John diMartino,dinner with the band, and a food/walking tour of the West Village. To participate, click the link below: levels are, of course available and appreciated and we’d like to thank everyone who has already joined us on this creative trip.We could not do it without you .
For those who have not yet joined us, don’t miss out on a chance to experience something unique!Much love & light ,
Janis, Nanny & John
Nanny Assis, John diMartino & Janis Siegel
photo by Janis Wilkins

The amazing Muffin Spencer-Devlin!

Here at Tag UR It! inc., we are very proud to work with the amazing Muffin Spencer-Devlin and happy to call her an honorary Tag Team member and wonderful friend!


Catheryn, Tag Team President, with Muffin at her Sawdust Festival booth last summer!
Catheryn, Tag Team President, with Muffin at her Sawdust Festival booth last summer!

For those of you who do not know the amazing Muffin, Muffin Spencer-Devlin is an LPGA Champion professional golfer, now turned glassblower!

On the professional golf scene, Muffin took home LPGA Tour wins in ’85, ’86, and ’89. Not only is Muffin Spencer-Devlin an award winning golfer, but made a cameo appearance as a member of Starfleet Medical in the feature film Star Trek Generations that was released in 1994 and made a brief appearance in “The Chute”, the third episode of the 1995 series Star Trek: Voyager.

One of Muffin's blown glass trophies and wonderful signed photo given to Catheryn and Heidi of the Tag Team!
One of Muffin’s blown glass trophies and wonderful signed photo given to Catheryn and Heidi of the Tag Team!


Today, you are most likely to find Muffin blowing glass into miraculous pieces of art! We are very lucky to work with Muffin, making thes sublimated plates on the blown glass trophies she creates. Muffin had a ribbon cutting ceremony on her new Etsy store this week, be sure to check it out and purchase your own Muffin masterpiece!

Screenshot 2014-09-30 20.10.56

 Also, visit Muffin’s blog at to see what she is up to!

Muffin with some of our personal Muffin blown glass collection!
Muffin with some of our personal Muffin blown glass collection!

The eyes of an artist….

Yesterday was national cheeseburger day! Not only do the Tag Team love of a good burger, but cheeseburgers hold a special place in the heart of Tag Team Prez, Catheryn. We all know Catheryn as our fearless leader here at Tag UR It! Inc. As our President/CEO, Catheryn inspires the Tag Team to always be our best! What some may not know about Cathryn TheRtist (as many know her in the art world) is that Catheryn is not only an entrepreneur and leader, but an amazingly talented artist with her paintings displayed nationwide!

“Look into the eyes of Catheryn’s paintings and you will see the soul of the subject.  Look into the eyes of this award winning artist and you will see why; she has the soul of an artist. 
She doesn’t simply recreate an image; she studies the image, garners the personality and the essence of her subject and brings these multifaceted qualities to realization.  Catheryn is the surrogate between subject and canvas.”  -Perry Steele Patton
You may be thinking “How does any of this tie in with cheeseburgers?”  One of Catheryn’s more recognizable pieces of art was created exclusively for Cheeseburger Restaurants™, “serving paradise daily at“.  Catheryn’s Princess Kamanaiwana Cheeseburger Oil Painting has been transformed into a Cheeseburger Restaurants™ icon! Seen on their website, on the backs of teeshirts and other merchandise, and and in many of their restaurant locations, this iconic painting shows Catheryn’s passion as an artist.
Princess Kamanaiwana Cheeseburger Oil Painting on Canvas

Here at Tag UR It! Inc., we find inspiration for new and exciting products in many places! The Cheeseburger Restaurants™ locations in Hawaii have put the Tag Team in a Hawaiian mood and have inspired us to create some awesome surf board shaped name tags!  These custom name tags create a fun yet professional look for your staff!  Are you looking for a new unique name tag look that represents your company ? Give us a call today! We can create a custom product just for you!

Take a look at some of Catheryn TheRtist’s other amazing works of art!! “Like ” Catheryn’s Art fan page on Facebook to see some of her projects as well!

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