For the love of MacBook! ….and Name Tags!

Tag UR It! Inc. definitely has a love of Mac!

After falling in love with the Tag UR It! Inc. iPad, the Tag Team decided to take the plunge and learn more about Apple products.  Over the last 2 years, all Tag staff have begun using iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks! It is amazing how much having Apple products can change the way business is done in any company!  The 13 inch MacBook Air and the brand new 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display are the newest additions to our company computers.  We are still exploring all of the new features of the Mountain Lion operating system as well as all our MacBooks have to offer, but here are a few things that have changed the way we do business on a daily basis thanks to Apple!

  • Graphics: There are so many great things to say about the graphics on all of our Apple products! Viewing our products, the logos we work with, and our beautiful new website in such high definition takes away any question as to how great our image quality is!
  • FaceTime: As a Tag Team member currently living on the east coast, it is often a challenge to feel connected to the main Tag UR It! Inc. headquarters based in Southern California.  FaceTime has completely changed the way our staff is able to communicate.  Because of FaceTime video conferencing, I am able to jump in on weekly staff meetings and never miss anything important that is happening at the office!
  • iCloud for Calendar and Email: We have a very busy staff, always juggling many commitments, meetings, and deadlines.  iCloud allows us to always know exactly where we are supposed to be! By using the calendar applications on all of our Apple devices, the iCloud keeps them in sync with each other.  I can tell my Macbook to remind me of a meeting at 2pm, and my iPhone will remind me if I am away from my desk at that time!  Between the calendar and email syncing to all of our devices at any time, we are always in touch with our customers and fellow staff whether we are at our desks or on the road!
  • Creativity and Movie Making: Anyone who follows Tag UR It! Inc. in the social media world knows that we love our fun movie trailer series! iMovie among other movie making software that Mac offers allow us to create professional advertising videos with ease. I will definitely be learning a lot more about movie making in the future and cannot wait to produce more great advertising material!
  • Integration of Dropbox: Dropbox and Mac computers can now be linked to share files with complete ease! Right along with all of the other folders on my hard drive is my Dropbox folder.  We do a lot of file sharing between staff members here at Tag.  From sharing high resolution product images to sales letters, Dropbox integration within our hard drives allows us to share folders from coast to coast with ease.
  • iBook Publishing: Electronic books are definitely one of the hottest things out there! One of my newest projects is going to be publishing our first iBook of feature products! Stay tuned….

While Tag UR It! Inc. is still slowly making the switch over to Apple and still has a ways to go, we are thrilled with the beginning of our switching process!  Our MacBooks are going to help Tag UR It! Inc. grow even more!  Does your business use Apple products? We would love to hear from you!  We are definitely still learning and would love to read your suggestions in the comments below!