Kenton Michael Design, a creative partnership with Tag UR It! inc.

Over the past couple of years, Tag UR It! inc. has been the engraver for Kenton Michael Design’s jewelry and are so excited to have a small part in the amazing designs of the talented Kenton Michael Dunn.


Kenton started the Kenton Michael Collection and his company in 2010. He designs handcrafted leather and silver here in Costa Mesa, CA. His amazing works of art are quickly becoming part of  Southern California’s local music scene, the top stand up paddle riders, and local school and charity events in Orange County.

Through his jewelry and conversation, Kenton wants to inspire others to explore their artistic interests and find their creative passion.  As many of you know, Catheryn, our Tag Team president, is an artist while not running this amazing company. Being able to work with others who embrace the creative passion that each and every person has inside of them is something Tag strives for!


Being able to engrave the clasps on some of Kenton’s amazing silver and leather jewelry is something we are very proud of!  His Collection can be found at specialty galleries in Newport Beach, Lake Tahoe and on line at Also, be sure to “Like” Kenton Michael Design on Facebook!

For all of your engraving needs, visit our website!

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Cloisonné pins have a royal history and a legacy of beauty. Dating back to the 13th century, the cloisonné process was first used in ancient China to create vases and other art for the Emperor. During the famous Ming Dynasty, bronze casting was taken to a new level and the cloisonné process, which is still used to create cloisonné lapel pins today, was perfected.  You, too, can have the feeling of royalty wearing a Tag UR It! Inc. custom designed pin!

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The round Cloisonné pin was designed exclusively for The Marina Inn by Tag UR It! Inc.! The custom Mathnasium “Multiplication Master” pin was also custom designed by our talented Graphics Tag Team!