Tag UR It! Inc. has a secret…. We know The Secret Baker!

Tag UR It! Inc. has recently been working with an amazing new company, The Secret Baker! Tag UR It! Inc.‘s talented Art and Graphics Tag Team members have been working with The Secret Baker in order to design and print materials for their delectable baking kits.

The Secret Baker sells complete kits for making all your favorite treats.  You can make Chocolate Covered Oreos and Cake Pops like the pros!  Their kits include the highest quality ingredients, tools, and step by step instructions to create delicious pieces of art! 

Now, you too, can be a Secret Baker! Your friends will be amazed when you share such professional, delectable treats!

Although you may usually see the Tag Team working away on name tags and recognition awards, we are always up for a creative, exciting project!  This amazing new company has been a pleasure to work with and we are so excited to show our readers what The Secret Baker has to offer! Check out their website and order your Cake Pop or Chocolate Covered Oreo complete kit today! I know we will be trying out a kit soon! 


Have my cake, and eat it too!

When I see a product I haven’t seen before, I just have to try it!

 Today I noticed Duff’s cake decorating supplies at Michael’s Crafts.  Of course I was drawn to the beautiful teal colored cake tattoos and icing immediately! Not only is teal the Tag UR It! inc. color, it happens to be my favorite color as well!

Long story short… I played with fun colored icing and decorated a cake! Duff’s cake tattoos are a super cool product and I had fun playing with my food!! I would definitely recommend Duff’s entire line of decorating products. Of course the Tag UR It! inc. logo was the perfect decoration for my masterpiece!

And it tastes even more fabulous than it looks!!