Featured Product of the Day: Event and ID Tags from Tag UR It! inc.

Have you been to a concert, conference, or event in the past? Will you be attending one soon? Take a look around and I bet you will notice some event i.d. tags! Here at Tag UR It! inc., we have created many varieties of event and i.d. tags: concert staff tags, conference attendees, press passes, and more!  Whether attached to clothing or hung on a lanyard, our custom designed tags will represent your organization and your event staff will wear them proudly!

We offer event tags in multiple materials including many finishes of sublimated metal or printed plastic. Check out our website to see the many varieties we offer! If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us and we can custom create the perfect tag for you!


A selection of our I.D. Tags and event Tags.
A selection of our I.D. Tags and event Tags.

Happy National Name Tag Day!

Today is national Name Tag Day! This week is actually “National Celebrate Your Name Week”!  Here at Tag UR It! inc., everyday is Name Tag Day!  Are you celebrating your name this week? Check out this blog we posted about a year ago and take a moment to think about “What’s in a name”?

What’s in a name?

March 30, 2012

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”                           ~Shakespeare


Your name certainly doesn’t define who you are, but it gives you an identity, especially to the casual acquaintances you meet on a daily basis.  These acquaintances could be the nurses that treat you at the hospital, the hostess and waitress at the restaurant you dine at, the staff at the hotel you stay at, the lawyer, the doctor, or the businessman preparing your taxes. One thing most of these acquaintances will have in common? They will wear a name tag. That name tag will be your first personal impression, introducing you on a personal level. When you know someone’s name, they are no longer just a face you pass by throughout your day, but someone you get to know, even just for a moment.
Companies and businesses have their employees wear name tags for many reasons. First, of course, in order for customers or clients to be able to identify employees by name. That name tag brings a sense of responsibility to that employee. When they are wearing it, they represent their company and are there to make the name of that company proud. This gives the individual the confidence to stand tall and represent themselves.  The name tag may also show rank or position, demanding well deserved respect of those wearing it. 
Who knew that a name tag could mean so much? So if you ran a business, company, or event, wouldn’t you want that first impression to be the best out there?? That’s where Tag UR It! Inc.comes in! Tag UR It! Inc. makes a name tag that will stand out above the rest! Whether you need name tags or event ID tags, Tag UR It! has the best out there! Wouldn’t you want your employees to be proud of the name tag they are wearing, representing your company or business? Give them the confidence with a great name tag!!
Check out our website to contact us or for more information! Your Tag Team is always here to help! www.taguritnametags.com