The Hot Shots and Sports Accessories for the Sports Star in Your Life!

School is now back in session and we are going into the season of fall sports!

This year, Tag UR It! inc is helping to support a great soccer team! A friend of Tag, Victor Skillings, is currently volunteering with AYSO in Tustin, CA. He is coaching the Hot Shots fall soccer team. He has volunteered his time to youth sports in the past and loves seeing the bonds and friendships grow among the young players.

The team currently consists of 12 lovely girls who come from various financial backgrounds and who all cannot afford to have a soccer backpack, slides, or a ball. Even with programs to help these girls join, some parents don’t have the financial ability to afford the little extras. Registration fees are $180 per child!  In order to help these amazing girls, a Go Fund Me campaign has been started in their honor. Tag UR It! inc. has donated and we hope you will too!  Your support will cover tournament fees, water bottles, additional soccer gear for practices, team banner, trophies, and equipment.

Visit the Hot Shots Go Fund Me Page Here:

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Along with donating to the Go Fund Me, we are thrilled to be able to help these girls show a little team spirit with custom made drawstring backpacks and fun customizable sports accessories!

custom sports bag and name tag

Now that your kids are starting fall sports, don’t you want yours to stand out with a custom bag tag from Tag UR It! inc.?

These custom metal tags can feature your team’s logo, your player’s name, uniform number, position, and any other information you wish!  We can even put your player’s photo on the bag tag!

These tags are sublimated in full color. Sublimation is a process in which sublimation inks are heated to 400°F, at which point they turn into a gas and form a permanent bond to the metal or polymer coated material. The result is a premium full-color, photographic-quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away. This makes these tags water resistant and will not allow them fade in the sun. This makes for a sturdy tag that will be outdoors on a sporting field!!

Make sure your player’s equipment bag is labeled with a custom bag tag from Tag UR It! inc.!  Contact us for more information and a free digital mock-up of your custom tags today!

This custom equipment bag tag features a Little League team logo and player’s name!

Fun accessories and products to keep your kiddos safe during this back to school season!

back to school, school busSchool is back in session!

Back to school time can be a lot of fun for kids! Seeing friends you haven’t seen all summer, buying new school supplies, and proudly wearing your new backpack to the bus stop on the first day of school!


Let your child’s backpack stand out! Tag UR It! Inc.‘s custom keychains will identify your child’s backpack while giving it style and flair! We offer many unique keychain styles including engraved dog tags, sublimated photo key chains, license plate key chains complete with your child’s name and birthday, and much more!

Not only stylish, our accessories are a great tool for sharing important information with your child’s peers and teachers. Many of our keychain and Emergency Tag styles can be customized with allergy and contact information. Knowing many parents of children with severe allergies or medical conditions, I know how valuable a tool this can be. A stylish key chain or Emergency ID Tag attached to a backpack or lunch box will be fun for your child, while giving you peace of mind knowing it also shares an important message, reminding peers and teacher of a severe allergy or medical condition.

Sublimated Photo Keychain. Can be made 2 sided with a message or a second photo on the back!
Sublimated Photo Keychain. Can be made 2 sided with a message or a second photo on the back! Perfect for displaying identifying information and emergency contact info when worn as a necklace.
Custom key chains and other fun products from Tag UR It! Inc.
Custom key chains and other fun products from Tag UR It! Inc.

Child Safety ID tag
Our Child Safety ID Tags, approximately the size of a credit card, share more information than our keychain style tags. These tags can be attached to backpack, lunchbox, or car seat with included plastic strap and sleeve! Order yours today by clicking here!
Our child safety shoe tag is a great tool for sharing allergy information!
Our child safety shoe tag is a great tool for sharing allergy information!

Go back to school with style and safety in mind! Contact us at for more information on any products you see here or to place an order! Your Tag Team is always here to help!

A bit of a change in our Child Safety ID Tags!

Child Safety ID Tags

Take a look at the new design of our Child Safety ID Tags! Still offered in three color varieties, the emergency graphic on our Child Safety ID Tags now includes the words “Emergency Contact Information”. In case of an automobile accident or other emergency where the caregiver is unresponsive, this safety tag on your car seat‬diaper bag‬, or stroller‬ will quickly give first responders the medical, allergy‬, and contact info for your child! A small change in design that hopes to make our Child Safety ID Tags even more noticeable in case of emergency! To order your own Child Safety ID Tags, visit our website today!