Solid Wood Desk Name Wedges

Our solid wooden desk wedge name plates add a classy, high end finish to your executive desk! Available in multiple wood finishes as well as metal faceplate colors, these wooden wedges are very customizable. The piano finish of the black and rosewood options is a polished look for a more formal desk setting while the walnut creates a more matte finish. Each faceplate and backer place can be made of a variety of metals including finishes of brushed nickel, gold, brass, and more. The names, titles and even logo can be sublimated in full color for a clear, clean look.

In addition to the use as a classic name plate, these wedges have doubled as a Reserve sign for high end restaurants. Our table top reserved signs are quickly becoming a big hit at Ruth’s Christ Steak House locations nationwide! These solid wood blocks feature a gold sublimated front with full color logo. (Also available in silver!) The back of each block holds a slider frame where name plates can be easily switched out to display the names of frequent restaurant parties.

For more information on any of these wooden wedges, visit our website at Looking for something you do not see or hoping to find something made custom, just for you? Email us today at taguritnametags (at) aol (dot) com!

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