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Its National Dog Day!! Check out the Wag Team on our Youtube!

Happy National Dog Day!! As many of you know, the Wag Team are a very important part of Tag UR It! inc! Have you seen our Wag Team in action?? Check out our first two movie trailers featuring 3 of the 4 members of our Wag Team and stay tuned for more videos soon!!

Tag UR It! Inc: The Golden Quest

Tag UR It! Inc: SuperTagz!

Fun accessories and products to keep your kiddos safe during this back to school season!

back to school, school busSchool is back in session!

Back to school time can be a lot of fun for kids! Seeing friends you haven’t seen all summer, buying new school supplies, and proudly wearing your new backpack to the bus stop on the first day of school!


Let your child’s backpack stand out! Tag UR It! Inc.‘s custom keychains will identify your child’s backpack while giving it style and flair! We offer many unique keychain styles including engraved dog tags, sublimated photo key chains, license plate key chains complete with your child’s name and birthday, and much more!

Not only stylish, our accessories are a great tool for sharing important information with your child’s peers and teachers. Many of our keychain and Emergency Tag styles can be customized with allergy and contact information. Knowing many parents of children with severe allergies or medical conditions, I know how valuable a tool this can be. A stylish key chain or Emergency ID Tag attached to a backpack or lunch box will be fun for your child, while giving you peace of mind knowing it also shares an important message, reminding peers and teacher of a severe allergy or medical condition.

Sublimated Photo Keychain. Can be made 2 sided with a message or a second photo on the back!

Sublimated Photo Keychain. Can be made 2 sided with a message or a second photo on the back! Perfect for displaying identifying information and emergency contact info when worn as a necklace.

Custom key chains and other fun products from Tag UR It! Inc.

Custom key chains and other fun products from Tag UR It! Inc.

Child Safety ID tag

Our Child Safety ID Tags, approximately the size of a credit card, share more information than our keychain style tags. These tags can be attached to backpack, lunchbox, or car seat with included plastic strap and sleeve! Order yours today by clicking here!

Our child safety shoe tag is a great tool for sharing allergy information!

Our child safety shoe tag is a great tool for sharing allergy information!

Go back to school with style and safety in mind! Contact us at taguritnametags@aol.com for more information on any products you see here or to place an order! Your Tag Team is always here to help!


Launching the next product in our Child Safety ID Line!

We are very proud to launch the newest product in our child safety ID tag line, shoe tags! Each custom shoe tag has our eye-catching emergency graphic along with your child’s name, a contact number, and any relevant medical or allergy information you would like to include! Perfect for busy amusement parks where you could become separated or to alert the public of a medical condition any day of the week! Each tag is made of a sturdy aluminum, sublimated in full-color with slots for shoelaces, and is only $4.95 each. Visit our website to check out our entire child safety ID line, and stay tuned for more products to launch soon!

http://www.taguritnametags.comChild safety, shoe tag, ID Tag

Personalized, Custom License Plate Keychains from Tag UR It! inc.

A special gift to commemorate the day a new driver hits the road. A fun accessory for a pre-schooler’s trike. A momento to remember a special time in one’s life. A fun keepsake from your home state.  The possibilities are endless with Tag UR It! inc.’s personalized license plate keychains and mini vanity plates! Our keychains are typically approximately 2.5″ x 1.25″, but can be custom made to any size! The mini vanity plates can be custom made to any size you desire! Made of an aluminum material, much like the real deal, these keychains are sublimated through a heat printing process, allowing us to print in full vibrant color! Being fully customized, we are able to create any license plate, past or present! We can re-create your first license plate, make a mini replica of your vanity plates, and of course personalize with any name! Have a unique name that is hard to find in stores? No problem!! And we are all about the little details here at Tag UR It! inc… See those little registration stickers? We can use your birth month and year or any date of your choice! The possibilities are truly endless!!

Order your own personalized, custom license plate keychain by visiting our website today! Have a special request? Drop us an email and we would be happy to help!!




Tag UR It! inc.'s custom name and date license plate keychains

Tag UR It! inc.’s custom name and date license plate keychains

Mini Custom Vanity Plate, Approx 2.5" x 5"

Mini Custom Vanity License Plate, Approx 2.5″ x 5″

Oh the places our engravings go! LPGA East Texas shootout!

Its always exciting to see a product made in our Costa Mesa, CA warehouse in action somewhere cool! This weekend, on the front of CBS Sports, was one special engraving that came out of Tag UR It! inc. headquarters.

The North Texas LPGA Shootout took place in Irving, TX on Sunday. For the second time in 3 years, Inbee Park is taking home the trophy! This year, we are very proud to have had a little part in that trophy: we engraved the mirror finished plate on the front of the custom made trophy! The beautiful trophy featured a wooden base, huge Clydesdale horseshoe, and custom cut glass Texas! On the wooden base was our mirror finished aluminum plate! This work of art was created by our friend, former LPGA Professional Golfer, Muffin Spencer Devlin!  Muffin is an amazingly talented artist, now most known for her beautiful hand blown glass. Check out her website here!

Inbee Park, of South Korea, posses with the champion's trophy after winning the LPGA North Texas Shootout golf tournament, Sunday, May 3, 2015, in Irving, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Inbee Park, of South Korea, posses with the champion’s trophy after winning the LPGA North Texas Shootout golf tournament, Sunday, May 3, 2015, in Irving, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Engraving is just one of our custom services offered at Tag UR It! inc.. Here are a few examples of custom engravings we have done in the past! Signatures, logos, awards, plaques, and personalizations…we can help with any of your engraving needs! Where will one of our custom engraving end up next? We can’t wait to find out!!

The Magnetic Law Of Attraction, choosing a magnetic attachment for your name badge!

The law of attraction is a pseudoscientific belief or theory, that “like attracts like,” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

The “Magnetic Law of Attraction” is a belief or theory, that “expensive clothing attracts magnetic name tags”, and that by focusing on using magnets instead of pins, one can never ruin one’s clothing.

Metal Name Tags

Metal Name Tags

Plastic Name Tags

Plastic Name Tags

Name tags are everywhere!  In our previous blog, “What’s in a Name”, we showed you how businesses in so many industries use name tags everyday.  There are many options out there, so let us help you decide which option is best for you.  Whether using a plastic, metal, or engraved name tag, using a magnetic backing is the way to go.  Imagine, you’re wearing your brand new silk top and are about to run into a meeting wearing your company name tag.  Not only will a magnetic attachment prevent pin holes and tears, your magnetic name tag couldn’t be easier to put on.  Just place your name tag over any kind of clothing and line up your backing under the fabric.  The magnets will do the rest of the work for you, keeping your name tag in place all day without doing any damage to the clothes you are wearing.   Magnetic backings also last much longer than traditional pin backings as they don’t bend out of place.  The choice should be clear for your business.  Let us help you find the a name tag that will be a great fit! Your Tag Team is always here to help!

Check out Tag UR It! Inc.’s selection of metal and plastic name tags today.  And be sure to select a magnetic backing when you check out! 


A bit of a change in our Child Safety ID Tags!

Child Safety ID Tags

Take a look at the new design of our Child Safety ID Tags! Still offered in three color varieties, the emergency graphic on our Child Safety ID Tags now includes the words “Emergency Contact Information”. In case of an automobile accident or other emergency where the caregiver is unresponsive, this safety tag on your car seat‬diaper bag‬, or stroller‬ will quickly give first responders the medical, allergy‬, and contact info for your child! A small change in design that hopes to make our Child Safety ID Tags even more noticeable in case of emergency! To order your own Child Safety ID Tags, visit our website today!


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