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Essential oils in the office! Stay focused, balanced, and in a great mood with dōTERRA essential oils!

We have never been more balanced, focused, and energized here in the Tag UR It! inc offices, and its all because of dōTERRA essential oils! In the last month, Tag Team President, Catheryn and I have both become dōTERRA Wellness Advocates!

You may or many not know about the amazing benefits of essential oils, or even what essential oils actually are! Direct from google’s dictionary:

essential oil definition

The video above explains what dōTERRA essential oils are and why they are such amazing products!

In the past month, we have found these amazing benefits of essential oils, specifically in the workplace! Whether we need some focus and balance, some anxiety relief, or a mood boost, there is an oil for every need! The benefits of essential oils are endless and dōTERRA oils can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. Personally, our favorite way to use oils is through our diffuser! The diffuser disperses oils into the air, allowing everyone in the office to enjoy the benefits of the oils!

Here are a few of our favorite oils combinations!

  • For a mood boost and all around great feeling, we combine dōTERRA Elevation, lemongrass, and rosemary in the diffuser!

  • When things get a little busy and there may be a little stress, diffusing dōTERRA Serenity and Balance lends with a drop of Vetiver sends a calming feeling across the warehouse!

  • When we need a little more uplifting focus, working on a big project, peppermint and wild orange is a great diffusing combination!

Besides diffusing, there are many other uses for Essential Oils in the workplace! A drop of lemon in your drinking water all day gives a delicious antioxidant boost! Lemon is also a great disinfectant, goop remover, and all around cleaner for your workspace.

doterra diffuser essential oilsAre you interested in learning more about Essential Oils for your home or workplace?? Catheryn and I are both Wellness Advocates and would be happy to answer your questions and help you get started in your essential oils wellness journey!!

Catheryn’s personal dōTERRA website: http://mydoterra.com/catherynmckeever

Sara’s personal dōTERRA website: http://mydoterra.com/saramcallister

A new style serving a new and exciting client here at Tag UR It! inc.

We are very proud and excited to be the new name badge provider for BBCN Bank branches nationwide!

Along with this new business partnership comes a new product! The badges BBNC Bank has chosen is a spin on our most popular name badge, the beveled metal name badge, except instead of a metal faceplate, these badges have a full color printed plastic face!

Our beveled metal name tags are the perfect combination of simple elegance and flair! These fully customizable sublimated name tags are offered in 1″ x 3″ and 1.5″ x 3″. These name tags are offered in both silver and gold with silver, gold, or white metal face plates, and now with white plastic name plates.  These face plates are printed in full color and can be customized with any artwork, logo, or names!

Check out this new spin on our classic Beveled Metal name badge in the photos below and visit our website to see our full selection of name tags! If you don’t see what you are looking for you here, please feel free to contact us with any questions at all! Your tag team is always here to help!!


Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts from the heart!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!! Have you found the perfect, thoughtful gift for your loved one? A personalized gift from the heart can mean more than the newest, most expensive gadget on the market!  

One great gift idea, a fun personalized award for your loved one or friend! It can be sweet and sincere or sarcastic and funny!  Here at Tag UR It! inc., we can custom make anyrecognition award you can imagine!  Our 4″x6″ sublimated plaque is only $14.50!!

4″x6″ Custom Sublimated Recognition Award Plaque gift

Include photos, quotes, and any other info you would like!  This makes such a sweet loving valentine for for a grandparent or family member!

Another great gift idea is a custom engraving!  An engraved plate added to your gift will send a message from the heart.  Recently, we engraved a plate that was placed on a beautiful wooden box.  Within the wooden box was a beautiful ring that was given as an anniversary gift (Jewelry is always a winner for Valentine’s Day!  The box reflected the beauty of the ring and the personal message on that box spoke from the heart of the giver.  Not only did the plate include a heartfelt message, it also included a hand written signature engraved into the plate.  Having your own handwriting engraved onto a gift is a personalization that means so much!

Custom engraved plate on ring box with personal message and engraved handwritten signature.

Another personal gift we have done, a stainless steel charm with a custom engraved message! Such a simple touch added to a sweet necklace, with a message that completely transforms the gift into a keepsake!

necklace personalized custom engraved

Does your gifts speak from the heart?  A personalized touch included in your Valentine’s Day gifts will truly show your loved ones how much you care!

Visit our website or give us a call to find out more about what we have to offer!

Tag UR It! inc. (949) 642-3700


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Its Superbowl Weekend!!! Its all about Name Recognition!

Its Superbowl weekend and the New England Patriots the have made it to the Superbowl!  Now I will be the first to admit that I have always been a bandwagon football fan at best.  In previous seasons, it was only as the Pats neared the Super Bowl that I watched a game…and even then I didn’t really understand what I was watching! The half-time show has always been my favorite part of Super Bowl night! Being a Rhode Islander, I have to say I am a Pats fan ;) In the last 3 years here in California, I have actually learned quite a bit about football and have learned to enjoy watching the game! Im looking forward not ONLY to hearing Idina sing the National Anthem and Katy’s halftime show…but also looking forward to seeing the Pats win this Sunday!

While watching football in the last few weeks, I noticed how often the back of a player’s jersey was flashed across the screen for the viewers at home to easily see which player was just involved in a play.  It’s all about name recognition!  Players’ names are printed on the pack of their jersey.  Their name and number, along with team logo, become iconic through that jersey.  A name tag can work the same way!  You see, name recognition works the same way in any business setting! Name tags become the iconic symbol of many customer service based companies, making employees recognizable to customers upon first glance!  A player’s jersey is like theirname tag! Players are motivated to do and be their best while they are wearing that jersey, on and off the field.  With new Tag UR It! Inc. name tags, your employee motivationwill skyrocket! Each and every person on your staff will want to strive to do their best, proudly wearing a badge that gives them recognition by name as a member of your team!


Go Pats!!


The Human Experience

If you know me well, you know I’m a huge Manhattan Transfer fan. Huge. Since I was twelve. I stopped officially counting how many concerts I’ve been to after 50, and that was years ago. As a twelve year old, I guess you could say the four members of this group were, to me, like the Beatles. I had every album, knew every word to every song, had pictures up in my room, etc. I loved every member of the group, and of course looked up to them.

Me, at age 16, with each member of The Manhattan Transfer

Me, at age 16, with each member of The Manhattan Transfer.

Now that I’m 47, not much has changed, except for maybe not knowing EVERY word… I’ve matured, they’ve matured, and although still together they’ve each branched out to do solo albums and assorted collaborations….

Well, Janis Siegel is branching out yet again with a new collaboration: The Requinte Trio.


The Requinte Trio is Janis Siegel, world-renowned Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Nanny Assis, and multi-Grammy nominated pianist and composer, John Di Martino. They have created a fan-funded project on ArtistShare.com called “The Requinte Trio Project”, which allows you many ways to participate, and in turn, the rewards are AWESOME. And I should know, I am a Gold Participant. Why am I telling you about it? Because I’m all about the Human Experience…

I grew up hearing “you can’t do that”… “just live with it”… “that’s dumb”… I never heard “hey, you can be whatever you want to be!” or “Go for your dreams!” or “You can do it!” or “Go for the gold!” or “Grab the brass ring!” Nope. I don’t know why. Maybe my Mom didn’t hear it from her parents… 

My Mom never liked going to the doctor. She had a horrible cough. For years. “Go to the doctor!” I’d scream. “Yeah, yeah” was her response. At age 73 she was still working full time… One morning in May of 2012, she said to me “I think I need to go to the ER”… Um, what? Okay…. Stage Four Ovarian cancer. Ten days later, May 16th, two days after Mothers Day, she was gone. 

Yep. The Human Experience. It’s been said we are not human beings having spiritual experiences; rather we are are spiritual beings having a “human experience” on earth. I believe that. And I also feel that I hadn’t been living my Human Experience to the fullest before my Mom died.  Actually, I realized at age 40 that those little sayings, the “just live with it”, etc, were ingrained in my head so well that I carried them into adulthood. Well, fuck that. I realized I had the brains (and the balls) to start my own company, Tag UR It!, in the middle of a recession and have it be a success. I’m living my Human Experience to the fullest now, because you never know what tomorrow will bring, or if you even have a tomorrow… 

Another reminder of living life like there’s no tomorrow is the passing of another important person in my life: Tim Hauser, the founder of my beloved group, The Manhattan Transfer. He passed away last October, the 16th, three days before I was to have lunch with him in his home… 

So back to the Human Experience, the Brass Ring, the Gold, or in my case, the Gold Participant. I treated myself to a trip to NYC for my 40th birthday a few years ago, and fell in LOVE with the Big Apple!!! I’m a perfectionist and very anal, so naturally I studied the map of Manhattan for two months prior and developed a color-coded itinerary for every hour that I was to be in the city. First stop was Birdland, naturally… 

With Janis, December, 2014.

With Janis, December, 2014.

So when I read the “perks” of the Gold Participant, and it included such things as “a vinyl listening session and a food/walking tour of the West Village NYC tour with Janis Siegel”… Brass Ring. The Gold. An amazing new Human Experience. 

There’s no day but today, my friends… You can save up your money for that shiny, new Escalade, or you can spend it on an amazing Human Experience, one you CAN take with you. Join me and The Requinte Trio Project and be a part of an amazing new journey, or find something else that you really love and have been putting off for that “someday”, and do it NOW. Live in the NOW. Create your own outstanding Human Experience. 


~ Catheryn

Click here to be part of The Requinte Trio Project: http://artistshare.com/v4/projects/experience/344/464/1/6 

Keeping Magic the Bear Safe and Sound!

This is the story of Magic the Bear! Magic is a special bear who travels the country, bringing joy to children everywhere! As many of you know, aside from being the Director of Sales and Marketing for Tag UR It! inc., I am also a full time nanny. Last October I attended Nannypalooza, a national conference for nannies to connect, network, and attend professional development workshops. Each year at Nannypalooza, a new, special bear is introduced to nannies from across the country. That bear spends the year traveling, spending one week with each nanny family! The joy the traveling nanny bears bring to children each year is priceless! This year, I signed up to have a week with Magic the Bear!

Magic started his journey in October. He had some great adventures in the first 6 weeks of his journey, spending time with 5 sets of children. He explored Chicago, visitied libraries and classes, played dress up and had tea parties! He had a blast!! When Magic made it to his 6th stop however, Magic must have been having too much fun and never made it any further. Somehow, something must have happened to Magic the Bear, and with a bit of a mystery and lots of unanswered questions, one thing was for sure; there were lots of children across the country waiting for Magic to come spend a week visiting their family.

When I heard of about the mystery of the missing Magic, I mentioned it to the rest of the Tag Team and we decided that Tag would donate a new traveling nanny bear to finish out Magic’s travels for the rest of the year. Magic2.0 was created! We had the greatest time at Build-A-Bear, creating the perfect friend for so many children to come! After Magic2.0 came to being at Build-A-Bear Downtown Disney in Anaheim, Magic and the Tag Team took a little trip to Disneyland!! Magic met Mickey, Minnie, and explored the park!!

Magic spent a few days here in Southern California. He spent his days with me and my nanny family, having a great time with my sweet toddler and her baby sister! Each afternoon, Magic came to work here at Tag headquarters. Seeing that we want to keep Magic2.0 safe and sound through the rest of his travels, of course we made him his very own Child Safety ID Tag! They are great for furry teddy bear children too!!

Magic is now off to visit his next little friends in New Hampshire. We will miss Magic2.0 and cannot wait to hear about all of his adventures to come. We are so glad to have been able to help Magic continue his journey, we knew there would have been some pretty upset children if the teddy bear they were waiting for did not come to visit!

Keep your teddy bear (and kids) safe with Tag UR It! inc.’s Child Safety ID Tags! Visit our website for more information!

For more information on Nannypalooza, the national nanny conference where Magic originated, Check out http://www.nannypalooza.com!

Featured Product of the Day! Gold and Silver Preferred Oval Employee Name Tags!

Silver Preferred Oval Employee Name Tag

Silver Preferred Oval Employee Name Tag

Here at Tag UR It! Inc., we are always looking for new and interesting name tag varieties! Have you seen our Preferred Oval Name Tags? These tags are available in both silver and gold. Their polished outer edge matched with the frosted front is the perfect backdrop for any logo! These beautiful name tags offer a sophisticated flair! These badges are sublimated through a heat process and can be customized with full color logos, names, titles, or any other information you wish! Available with pin or magnet attachment, these badges could be the perfect fit for your employees!
Check them out on our website today!!


Gold Preferred Oval Name Tag

Gold Preferred Oval Name Tag


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